"Talking For A Purpose"


Language to increase compliance

"Say what you mean and mean what you say"

Parent / Caregiver Support


Ms Morrish works with parents and caregivers both on an individual basis or within a group. 

This programme empowers parents and caregivers, equipping them with a set of skills that enables them to effectively manage their child's behaviour at home. 


The program is ‘adult focused’ in that the philosophy is, parents and caregivers have to manage their behaviour, language and responses, before addressing any behaviour challenges displayed by their children. 

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On completion of the course, parents and caregivers will be able to:

  • Recognise their “Response Button” and prepare so they know how to respond appropriately. 

  • Understand the concept of the “Cycle of Defiance” and the significance of their behaviour within the cycle.

  • Manage emotions such as frustration and anxiety. 

  • Remain calm and in control.

  • Deliver effective consequences consistently.

  • State clear behaviour instructions.

  • Communicate with authority.

  • Know what to say in order to achieve compliance.

  • State effective behaviour choices.

 “This course is a must for ALL parents. You will learn so much and leave feeling empowered.”

(Ann, 39. Mother of twins Diagnosed with ADHD)

 “The difference in the household is amazing. I am now having compliance instead of defiance. AMAZING!”

(Simon, 26 years old)

 “I feel so more confident. This group has given me support when I thought I was the only one struggling. Life changing!”

(Zubia, 44 years old)

 “AMAZING course! My children now listen! WOW!” 

(Patrice, 21 years old)

 “My son has very challengingbehaviour. He has ADHD and Autism. I have been on many courses and they didn’t really help me. This course finally gave me the strategies is have been looking forward all these years. Thank you Ms Morrish, she is simply the best, life changing” 

(Derick, 41 years old)

 “I still refer back to my notes from this course four years on. Still saving my sanity! I seriously can not recommend this course or Ms Morrish enough.”

(Pauline, 32 years old)

Interested in "Talking for a Purpose" Parents / Caregivers?

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