"Talking For A Purpose"


Language to increase compliance

'Say what you mean and mean what you say'

The origins of "Talking for a Purpose" began over twenty years ago. 


“I have always been fascinated by language and communication. I have spent many years being intrigued by classroom dynamics. However, my primary focus was never the children’s behaviour. My interest always lay in how the adult’s behaviour, language and responses had an impact on those around them. My aim was to create a consistent language-based approach, which empowers adults to make better decisions when facing classroom challenges.” 


“Talking for a Purpose” is ‘adult self-management focused’ in that the philosophy is, adults have to manage their behaviour, language and responses, before addressing any behaviour challenges displayed by a child.”


Change Behaviour has now trained thousands of thousands of primary and secondary school teaching staff, both in the UK and the USA in the following principles of “Talking for a Purpose” by increasing adults understanding of:

  • How 'My Behaviour Matters' by increasing teacher’s self-awareness and self-management abilities.

  • ‘Initial and Secondary’ responses

  • Breaking the 'Cycle of Defiance'

  • Key components of the ‘Communication Model’ 

  • Personal 'Response Button' and the 2Ps (Prepare and Practice)

  • Recognise 'Redundant Questions' and how to eliminate them

  • Recognise what is a ‘Redundant Statement’ and to change your language in order achieve a positive behaviour outcome.

  • 'Exact Moment Behaviours' and ask for what you want

  • Powerful ‘Word Replacements’ 

  • The ‘Drop and Stretch’ technique

  • The model for delivering 'Effective Commands' 

Interested in "Talking for a Purpose"?

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