Ms Morrish is the behaviour management lecturer for several Initial Teacher Training colleges, for both primary and secondary schools. She delivers half day and full day lectures for trainee teachers on the following topics: 


  • Child Development

  • Creating a consistent Behaviour Management Approach

  • “Talking for a Purpose” Language to Increase Compliance.
                           Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

  • “Talking for a Purpose” Part Two. Coaching and Implementation

  • Limiting Distractions and Increasing Attention in the Classroom

  • Designing Effective Classroom Management Systems

  • The Significance of Teacher Self-Management within the Classroom



“Ms Morrish is an inspirational lecturer. I will use all that she has taught us today, not only in my current placement but throughout my teaching career.” 

- Trainee Teacher 

 “Ms Morrish is a motivational and inspirational speaker. She has been presenting at The Forest Independent Primary Collegiate now for many years. Ms Morrish has inspired trainee teachers to feel confident in managing a range of behaviours within school settings. Trainees continually report that Ms Morrish’s sessions are always fun and engaging and the trainees leave the sessions with a range of effective classroom management techniques.”

 - Director, The Forest Independent Primary Collegiate


“We wish we employed Ms Morrish years ago”

- Director, Billericay Educational Consortium

“Ms Morrish provides a truly bespoke training experience. Feedback is always positive and trainees often comment on how excellent the materials given are, how engaging, thought provoking and informative each and every session is.”

- Manager, West Essex Teaching Alliance


“Ms Morrish is what the teaching profession needs!”

- Trainee Teacher 


“I always leave Ms Morrish’s sessions wanting more! She is so engaging and has really made me reflect on my teaching. I feel so much more empowered.” 

- Trainee Teacher 

“What an amazing lecturer! The difference with Ms Morrish is that you leave with what to DO instead of lots of theory! Cannot wait to put it all into practise.”

- Trainee Teacher 

“As a trainee teacher I was always concerned about classroom management. After Ms Morrish’s sessions I felt so much more confident to manage any challenges, thank you!!”

- Trainee Teacher 

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