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“My focus is not addressing the behaviour of the children but in changing and modifying the teachers' behaviour, language and responses. My central aim is to empower teachers with a skill set of highly effective classroom management techniques.”

(Ms Morrish MSc)

“Ms Morrish has achieved what she was employed to achieve. Her behaviour approaches have made a huge difference to children’s behaviour and has earned the loyalty of both teachers and pupils. 


If I was a Head Teacher today, then this is a model I would seriously consider, and Ms Morrish a consultant whose expertise and opinions I would take very seriously.


If a school is struggling to manage behaviour, Ms Morrish is the first person I would call upon.”


Mr Ian Morton

Interim Education Board 

Change Behaviour Programmes Include:

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A whole a school approach, which consistently supports all school staff to feel empowered and confident when faced with any behaviour challenge. 

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The primary aim is to increase the understanding of how words and actions have an impact upon others.


“Talking for a Purpose” is ‘adult self-management focused’ in that the philosophy is, adults have to manage their behaviour, language and responses, before addressing any behaviour challenges displayed by a child.

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A social skills programme that encourages children, within Key Stage One, to use consistent behavioural language when faced with the challenge of making good behaviour choices using characters.

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This programme empowers parents / caregivers, equipping them with a set of skills that enables them to effectively manage their child's behaviour at home.


Behaviour Management Lectures for Trainee Teachers.