Empowering Girls & Boys

“The Empowering Girls Group has transformed the relationships between the girls in the class. They are able to communicate their thoughts and work through their differences in a calm and mature manner; often resolving any problems without the need of adult support.“                                                                                                                   (Mr Smith, Year 5-6 Teacher)


Empowering Girls & Boys Groups are facilitated by a trained adult within the school. It consists of six sessions, for groups of six to eight girls or boys.


The primary aim is to increase the understanding of how words and actions have an impact upon others.


Then to increase accountability for each of the girls or boys own behaviour, so that self-management abilities increase and positive behaviour choices are made. 

Possible group discussion topics

  • Understanding each other’s points of view   

  • The ramifications of our actions

  • Open and honest communication

  • Impact of words

  • Resolutions of arguments

  • Increasing independence

  • Managing feelings and emotions

  • Increasing resiliency

Children’s Feedback

“I have learnt a lot in the group. I have definitely learnt to use a confident voice and not a shy voice. Also, to wait when someone is talking so you can listen.”

“It has made a big difference to me as I now think about my words before I speak”

“I found standing up and using a confident voice really useful.”

 “I think all children at school should do it so it makes school even better.”

“It has definitely made the playground a much happier place!”

“I feel much better about myself and more confident.”

“I liked the group a lot and it has definitely made me a better person.”

“I used to be shy and not a very confident person but now I am loads more confident in myself.”

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