Champion Choices

Stop, Think and Choose


       A social skills programme that encourages children, within Key Stage One, to use consistent behavioural language when faced with the challenge of making good behaviour choices using characters such as: 

  • Angus the Angry Crocodile

  • Florentine the Frustrated Flamingo

  • Charlie the Chimp Who Makes Good Choices

  • Sally the Stubborn Snake

  • Lonnie the Listening Lion

  • Tina the Talking/Interrupting Toucan

  • Henry the Happiest Hippo in the Whole Wide World

  • Percy the Pecking Parrot

  • William the Worrying Wolf                     

  • Mrs. Henrietta the Hedgehog and her son Harry who is always in a hurry



Teachers Comments:


“This programme helps to start the school year off with encouraging positive classroom behaviour. It teaches the students the importance of making good choices and it is an age appropriate!”

- Year 2 Teacher


“The programme is very helpful especially for new teachers on establishing

expected behaviours with students.”

- Year 1 Teacher


“The students are focused, motivated and attentive during lessons.”

- Year 1 Teacher


“The concepts are easy and simple for students to understand. Results are immediate.”

- Year 2 Teacher

“It is a very effective programme and I now use the techniques every day with the children.”

- Reception Teacher


“In a fun way, it helps to teach the students how to make good choices when dealing with others”

- Year 2 Teacher


“The puppets make it very engaging for the students and the teachers!”

- Year 1 Teacher


“It changes the classroom climate to a more positive and independent thinking environment for the children."

- Reception Teacher


“Our programme had a need for a social skills curriculum that is specific to challenging behaviours such as:  hitting, inability to share, and talking while the teacher is talking.  Furthermore, our children relate to the puppets, so Champion Choices is a natural fit in our programme.” 

-(Disabilities Coordinator, Head Start Services, USA)

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