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Ms. Morrish is the founder of Change Behaviour. Her passion to understand classroom dynamics began with her own personal experiences at school. She often states,                


“I actually really liked school, but school didn’t always like me.”


She did not always follow adults’ instructions, found it difficult to focus and concentrate, would interrupt lessons and became disruptive, which led to continual detentions and eventually being placed in classes for students with special educational needs. 

“I wanted to understand why I behaved better in some classes rather than others. For me it wasn’t about the subject but more about the teacher. I wanted to utilise my knowledge of teachers’ characteristics to create the foundations for a unique behavioural approach. All of the programmes, within Change Behaviour, can be implemented in schools so that children are treated fairly and supported in a much more consistent approach than I was.”

After fifteen years of working within mainstream and residential schools for children with challenging behaviour and also for organisations including National Evaluation of Sure Start and the Special Needs and Psychology Service, Ms Morrish moved to Baltimore USA, to become the Behaviour Consultant for the University of Maryland. She spent six years working in inner-city schools supporting Headteachers, specialist teaching staff, School Psychologists, teachers and parents, to effectively manage children’s behaviour. Ms Morrish was also a member of the University of Maryland’s clinic team, at the Centre of Infant Study.

On returning to the UK Ms Morrish used her expertise and experience gained throughout her career to develop Change Behaviour, Empowering Teachers, Parents and Children. Ms Morrish is the original creator for all Change Behaviour programmes and is truly unique in her approach. She utilises a combination of coaching, mentoring and consultancy, to create a consistent framework which increases feelings of empowerment and confidence for all teaching staff. 


Ms Morrish qualifications:

BSc (Hons) Psychology

MSc (Hons) Child Psychology

Post Masters in Early Child Mental Health

Certified Personal Performance Coach

Behaviour Change Specialist

Certified Life Coach

NLP Practitioner 

NLP Master Practitioner 


“Ms Morrish lives and breathes those high expectations in her work around the school. She is actively improving the school every moment she is here.”

-Deputy Head Teacher

“Our school has NEVER had a good reputation as behaviour was always such a big concern. Parents didn’t want to send their children to us. We just couldn’t manage those really difficult children and that had such an effect on the whole school. Now I believe there is a waiting list to come here. It’s so great to come to work happy and confident.” 

-Head Teacher


“With Ms Morrish’s direction, the school now has a clear and robust behaviour approach to managing challenges. This gives teachers and other adult’s confidence and security. The children and staff say that the school is safer and a nicer place to be. Teachers are able to teach and have confidence behind any discipline that is needed.”

-Head Teacher 


"In Baltimore, we have sustained many of the elements of the program and lessons from Ms Morrish in our early childhood mental health consultation projects.  Her proactive approach taught us how to be “ready” for challenges so that we could empower teachers, parents and students to be prepared to work through challenging and difficult incidents as well as sensitive situations.”

-Kay Connors

Program Director of University of Maryland, Baltimore USA